Pass File Path directly to UiPath Robot from Windows Explorer without using "Select File" activity

Hi when I use the UiPath Assistant to start attended automation processes using shortcuts from my desktop, sometimes I want to do some certain process to a certain file on my computer. The way I do this now is to use a Select File activity in the process, and when the process starts, a dialog would pop up to let me select the correct file.

However, I believe it would be far more efficient if either of the ways work:

Option A. To be able to select a file in explorer, and pass the path of that selected file to Robot directly when the automation process is triggered through shortcuts.

Option B. To be able to trigger the automation in Windows explorer directly (for example, in the right click menu), and use that file somehow as an input to the process, so that the process know exactly what file it should tend to.
Maybe there is already a way to do this? Thanks in advance!


The easiest way, in my opinion, would be to have a default location (folder), which will be used by the robot to pick whatever file is placed there.
This way, every time you want to process some file, you just need to put the file in the default folder to be processed.

Option B is promising but it’s a very unusual scenario and I don’t think that will be a thing from UiPath.