How to navigate specific WI5 in each page

I want to fetch the WIID from each page, how to click and fetch the WIID and move forward to fetch another.WI5

You are using Data Scraping to extract data from all pages. Right?

Yes. and filtering into the Spreadsheet.

Assume that using Data Scrapping you have extracted data to Data Table with name"dt_WIs".

Declare an argument out_WIList of type data row array.and direction as out (so that you can use it other work flow E.g. GetTransactiondata.xaml etc)

Use Assign activity to assign values to out_WIList as

out_WIList = dt_WIs.Select(“Type=‘WI5’ AND Status=‘Open’”)

Now you have all records from Data Table (dt_WIs) with Type WI5.

You can get WIList in GetTransactionData.xaml as in_WIList with type array of data row.

GetTrasactionData.xaml should look like


out_TransactionItem = in_WIList(in_TransactionNumber-1)

out_TransactionID = out_TransactionItem(“WIID”).ToString

You have WIID in out_TransactionID.

Please go through Assignment Walk through for details.

Getting assign errorAssignerror1Assignerror

Hi @ramkrishna2k3

Use single quotes for WI5 like ‘WI5’

Thanks it worked

Hi @ramkrishna2k3,

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