Help required on Calculate Client Security Hash Assignment

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I am stuck at the middle of the assignment.

I have extracted all the WI5 work items in a CSV file.


I am not following RE framework, trying to do it in different way.

But currently i am not sure, how can i get the “WIID” from that CSV file for each individual row.

Any help will be great.



could you explain little bit on the requirement as per my understanding, you want to read the WIID values from CSV if i understood correctly.

ReadCSVFile - output - DataTable
keep your datatable in loop
for each row activity - item(“WIID”).tostring

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Did you read the right CSV? do you store in variable as DataTable right? of which you must iterate in this object using the activity For Each Row that will retrieve the items (row) as DataRow you only need to get the WIID using: row.item(1) where 1 is the position of the index (WIID)

I hope it helps …

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Thank you Venky and Anisio.

It helps me.

Now i stuck at this point.

Getting the below error.



When i am writing into line then its going correctly. When i am assigning the same to another variable then i am getting the above error.

Also attached the workflow: Process Transaction.xaml (18.0 KB)

I have updated your workflow to retrieve Client ID. Same steps you need to perform to retrieve Client Name and Country.
Process Transaction.xaml (20.8 KB)
Use same steps and change regex

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Thanks Madhavi for your help.

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