Not able to retrieve specific data from DataRow array


I am creating a sequence where i scraping data from storing data. now i assigned to a DataRow. now i need a particular value from DataRow in a variable so i can use that in Navigation bar.

Scraping data and storing in out_WlList = ExtractDataTable.Select(“Type = ‘WI5’ And Status = ‘Open’”)

out_WlList is Arugment type DataRow

Now i am checking the count of the out_WlList using assigned activity, now i want to get WIID from out_WlList. and need to pass that value in Navigate to

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When you have scraped and filtered your datatable you have DataRow (array of required rows)
One you have that you will loop through each row in the array, here it out_WIList.
So one row becomes WIList(0)
and row 1 say item will give you the specific value when you do itme(“WIID”).toString.

Here what i see is that you are doing the training assignment.
The Loop for each row is handled in the GetTransactionData where we retrieve each row value and pass it on to the Process.xaml
In the Process.xaml you will pass the item value as WIID and that will be used to navigate.

You can follow the steps mentioned in the training pdf to achieve this.

Thanks Nadim

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