How to measure time of outtime Systems



is it possible to measure the time how long a system are down? Example: a process must run in SAP to get informations. But SAP is currently not available (down). How can we measure the downtime of SAP from beginning till its available again?



If the robot is active the whole time and just regularly retries to reach SAP, just record the starting time in a variable and compare it to the end time when access is possible again.
If the robot stops after a login try and restarts some time later, the easiest would be to have a file recording the start and end times.
You could also use the queue items from Orchestrator to store a queue item with the start time, read it at the start of the robot and when access is still down add a new queue item with the old start time again.

But in general, I guess there are better systems to measure downtime than using a robot.