About SAP automation


I’m developing below robot now.

  1. Click some specified button on the SAP to start download the data from it.
  2. If download is succeeded, then edit the downloaded file.

But now I have one problem.
The problem is that in above process 1), the SAP has time out.
So if the robot leaves the SAP screen while downloading, then SAP will make time out and logged out…

By the way, the time for the downloading is about 1hour or 2hours, and for now, the operator is clicking the SAP screen while downloading to avoid time out.

However, while the downloading, the windows pointer icon becomes waiting mode(circle icon), so as far as I tried, the robot couldn’t click any UI element for avoiding time out.

Could anybody please tell me how to extend SAP time out?
or Could anybody please tell me how to click any UI element on the SAP screen even though the pointer icon is waiting mode?


Hi @dekochan85,

Apparently, you can change SAP time out using the transactions RZ10 or RZ11

Does this work for you?

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Thank you for your advice!

I’ll try your suggested solution and report the result to this forum!



Though I asked your suggested solution to my client, because of their security policy, the time out can’t be extended as SAP settings.

Thank you for your suggestion, but I need to find another solution…

Anyway, I’ll try other way…


Hi @dekochan85,
sorry to hear that this solution will not work for you. Would it help to “stimulate” SAP using hotkeys? Can you add some “innocent” hotkey, that would wake up SAP from time to time, and which wouldn’t affect your download? E.g. F8 = execute doesn’t seem to affect my executed reports.


Thank you for continuous help.

However, I have already tried “send hot key” activity to SAP screen.
It didn’t work…


Hi @dekochan85

I am new to SAP automation using UiPath. I also want to tackle the same problem i.e. not letting the SAP application to log the user out during automation.
So I just want to request you that if you figured out a solution apart from what PAD suggested then please share it. That would be really kind of you.

Thank you

Hi @Ibs_ibzy,

In my case, I found another way to download a data file from SAP without GUI locking.
Means, I changed downloading method from previous one to “Backgroud mode”.

#Sorry, I don’t know whether the mode name is formal(correct)
#or not.
#Anyway, the SAP mode makes the background downloading

The mode didn’t lock any GUI on the SAP screen, so my robot could access some UI element periodically, so that it avoided logging the user out.

Does above information help you?


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Thank you so much for your reply. Actually I haven’t got any use case yet where I had to download a large file but I am sure I’ll come across that in future and when I do, your answer will surely help me.

Regards. Take care.