SAP automation failes when the robot has been idle for a few hours

I am having troubles when automating in SAP. I have a simple process where the robot downloads exchange rates from a browser and writes them to Excel. It then copies the data from Excel to SAP.

When the robot has been idle for some time it fails the job when he gets into SAP. But when you start the job right after, it runs smoothly. So it always seems like the robot has to be woken up for the process to run smoothly.

I am running the robot on a remote server.

Are there any known errors like this when automating in SAP? Should you do a system restart every day to get the robot to reboot?

All tips are appreciated

What error message do you receive when it fails. Is the server locking due to idle and that’s why the robot can’t act?

I get a selector error when the robots enters SAP, before he opens SAP he opens a browser, downloads a file and writes to Excel. But when you run the job again right away it doesn’t return the same selector error which is very strange.
I also made some changes, I used the Kill Process activity to kill all SAP processes running but that didn’t help either.