Robot running indefinitely, when SAP disconnects

we are running the robot from orchestrator and the below scenario occurred twice since we moved it to prod.
Scenario - SAP gets disconnected and the robot just waits on the screen indefinitely without throwing any time out exception or element not found exception. we have to kill it from orchestrator. I checked the timeout value as well and its just 2 minutes. Did anyone experience similar situations, where robot runs forever and what can we do to avoid it.

hi @priyatham

i have seen this issue but i don’t know the issue.

To avoid this long run you can use stop after property in orchestrator schedules


This process runs whole day, processing each queue item and we don’t want to stop/kill after some time. Have you raised this issue to Uipath? Did you get any answer from them?

I don’t english
Answer in Japanese

We are seeing the same with SAP disconnects despite any error handling we have tried to implement for this. Is there anything new on how this could be solved?