Any alternative way to UipathTest Data Queue?

Is there any alternative way to use test data to test uipath test cases other that ‘Uipath Test Data Queue’

Hi @Ruchita_Patil

I dont think its possible as of now. We have to wait if there would be any future enhacements around it


Thanks Anil
so following is my scenario:
i want my team to run the test cases of BDD framework and dont want them to have access to orchestrator queue , since we dont have enough licenses, is it possible?

Hi @Ruchita_Patil

If not the test queue licenses then they need a developer license or a non prod license to have studio up their systems and run the cases from studio


@Ruchita_Patil ,

you can read data many way.

  1. Use Excel sheet to upload test data to test cases and test as Data driven testing
  2. you can read data from Test Queue
  3. you Can read direct data from Excel sheet and assign to Parameters into BDD test cases.