How to use【Get Test Data Queue Item】Activity?

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As you can see in the figure below.
I used the bulk add test data queue activity to add test data to the Orchestrator.

For example, I am trying to test an application that validates loan application logic, and I use the Get Test Data Queue Item activity to populate the loan application application screen with data (Dictionary type variable) retrieved from the queue.

When I run it, it seems that the data is not available from the test data queue. When I run a test case, How can I make the test data queue item available from Orchestrator?
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  • Queue name: "LoanApplication_InputData_Details"
  • output: Queue_Test_Data_item (Dictionary variable)
  • assign: LoanEmail = Queue_Test_Data_item.Item(“LoanEmail”).ToString

Orchestrator test data queue:


Use yourdictvar(“YourKey”) for retrieval the value of a dict Item for the particular Key

And let’s give a try with writeline activity and mention any of the assigned variable to check whether it has value in it or not


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Thank you for your quick reply!

I found that each time I run the test case.xaml (In this xaml file I used Get Test Data Queue Item activity), only one test data queue item was executed. (In the order in which they are in the test data queue).

In Orchestrator, can I run that test set and the test data specified from the test data queue?

Is it possible to run the test on all items (test data) in the specified test data queue just by clicking the Run button once?

Thank you!

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