How to make workflow faster

i have a process that uses excel and 3 web site actions web to do some data scarping and to some actions then data write in to excel so for 10 rows it takes 25 mints. so i am looking for options to make it faster cause production data would be around 1oo to 800 rows??

using queues would make any difference ?? or to access the web is there any better method like selenium web drivers ??

process:: take name and state go into google scrape 2 pages of data and then write data into excel, again go into a 2nd website do the same.

any ideas??

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Hi @leelakanthi_nagisett

You can do several things to improve the performance…

In Ui interaction activities such as click, type into and scraping, you have a property called wait for ready, wait active, wait visible. Configure these properties accordingly to improve the efficiency. Main focus should be on wait for ready propery.

Additionally, if you have introduced delay activities, try replacing them with on element appear activities…

The flow wise, you can write the data into excel as the very end step I think?
So do the data scraping, and build a datatable that adds up all the rows for each iteration… at the end, write all the records to excel in one go…


on background process some activities are not working chrome and i am not using any delays.

all i have is scraping data from 2 web sites.

can you share a screenshot or the workflow so that we can have a look?