Ui path performance improvement ideas

Hi friends

I have 100+ records in excel.
I have to enter it in web page.

For example , Read Name and Phone No from excel and type it in Web site and submit.

I am iterating through for each , and typing it in web one by one.
It takes time. Do we have any other option to make it faster.

thanks for your help.

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Hi @oshan,
Here you are reading the excel using read range and store the data in a datatable.
Then iterating on the datatable using for each.
And entering the data in to web form.
I think this is the only way you can in this case.
One way to improve the process speed is by communicating with the webform using API, if available.


Another way to make the data input faster is by enabling Simulate Type on your Type Into activities.

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Thank you both for your kind reply. i understood.

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