Scenario based question plz help me

This is an interview question… plz respond someone
i have an excel with 200 rows… i have to read the data. and enter the details in a web application. but the application is only entering the 10 rows at one time. how can u handle this prblm…

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  1. First you can add these 200 data to a queue
  2. Have a bot created and use it to enter the data to that website with 10 data at a time with get queue item activity or use a get transaction item activity and loop it for 10 times
  3. Now use a QUEUE TRIGGER and assig the above created bot to it
  4. So that all the new queue item will trigger the bot and let’s the bot to add 10 item per trigger
  5. This will repeat automatically by queue trigger itself until all transaction items are consumed

Cheers @katta_nikhil

thank you for u r reply
i have another question
i have a table in web browser with column’s and rows
i can easily get that table using data scrapping
but i want only specific columns to scraping
how can we handle that

while scrapping it self you can define how many columns you require

once you are scraping , as you get all the columns then you can remove the columns that you dont require and also check in metadata property as well.

Hope this helps