How to make faster a Write Cell in a for each row?

Hello there!

Im looking for best ways to make faster a write cell in a excel applicaction scope, im extracting more of 4 thousands rows in a row but this sequence takes too many time for complete that activity, i tried with turning off auto-save, putting off visible mode for excel scope but still it takes too many times, what can you recommend for the sequence? I’ll be glad to hear responses about this!

Cheers Luis L.

You will probably want to manipulate the table first, before entering the Excel Application. You can update a row using an Assign activity, like: row("columnname") = "newvalue"

You can iterate a data table with thousands of rows in a few seconds. I think I did over 10k rows in a few seconds. If not, then you might need to update your .NET Framework, Studio version, and Excel activity package.

Also, it depends because if you are bulk updating, then this would make sense to try and speed it up. But, generally during a process, you will perform steps on each individual item then update the results to Excel. However, the time is taken up by the process, not the updating, therefore it’s not viable to try and speed up the updating part in this case.