How to make website elements that will be seen by UiPath


I am creating a website from scratch in html, css and javascript.

I have a Navbar, a Input text and a button.

UiPath doesn’t recognise any of it.

How can i build the html page so that UiPath will recognise all the elements inside it?

Uipath (exactly all Windows based RPA solutions) handles based on WIndow Uielement.
However, the website handles with Html elements.

Therefore, if it is not an Html element (such as ActiveX), it is visible to our eyes, but not as an Html element.

There is a way to do this, by extracting the Uielement (like Excel or legacy program) elements from the website rather than the Html element.

For example
I’ll get element this text two ways.

Web pages can be extracted in the same way as when extracting elements such as office programs and legacy programs. (Because Internet Explorer is a kind of program!)

In summary, if the Html element is missing or inaccessible, you can still handle it this way.
Practice once with this webpage. Please comment if you have any questions.

So i am hovering over an input text field and it doesn’t recognising it.

It’s recognising just the whole page, but in UiExplorer, the page it’s empty.
I built the website, so i can change it in order to work, but i don’t know how.


If you try the UiExplore on this very page, does it behave as expected? otherwise, what is your browser? (for once, using IE might solve a compatibility problem :confused:)

I’ve read that UiPath now can leverage webdriver without previous browser extensions but installing them might help (I’m still using the extensions without problem). Here, for firefox:

I have the extension installed … because whitout it, it’s not doing anything and it’s saying that i don’t have the extension installed.

Yes it’s working good on this site, it’s recognising all the elements.

It’s just not recognising the elements on my website, maybe i need to built it in other way.

If it’s helping with something, the website it’s loaded from my pc, so the url it’s actually a local path, so it’s not on the “internet”.

I assume that Uipath was not aware of the Web element, and I offer you another alternative.

It’s wierd because on Internet Explorer it works and recognise all the items … but why is not working in Chrome?

Got it, it was a special setting.

Extensions -> UiPath Web Automation -> Details -> Enable Allow access to file URLs

But thank you all for trying to help me, i really appreaciate it.

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