GOT this errror: Desktop has been disconnected while performing UI actions


I am running a robot that interacts with a Desktop aplication and when I leave my process scheduled to start automatically with the Windows task scheduler and I close the remote desktop window, my robot throw this error: ‘‘Desktop has been disconnected while performing UI actions’’
How can I configure Robot to run the process when I leave the RDP?
My robot is Attended licenced and I don’t use Orchestrator, only Windows task scheduler to Start my process that I have in a .bat

Thank you in Advance!

Hi @Emilia_Mariela
I’m going to go out on a limb and say.
Not at all.

An Attended Bot needs a not locked screen. If you disconnect the RDP connection the desktop is locked. So there is no session 0 and the bot can not work.
If you want to build such an “economical” construct, then you must probably leave the RDP connection open, especially since this is also license-technically extremely marginal.

Hi @Emilia_Mariela ,

As you are using attended bot that means machine should be opened and only then the bot will work. If you want the bot to work when machine get disconnected then better to run it in unattended mode with unattended bot license.