How to make robot stop executing current job to instead start on a higher priority job?

I thought this would happen automatically with queue and queue item priorities, but it appears it doesn’t work like I was thinking.

Let’s say I have a low priority process that regularly gets 100+ queue items. Then less often, there is a high priority process that gets a single high priority queue item.

I’d expect the robot to stop processing low priority queue items from 1 queue and instead pick up the high priority queue item from the other queue.

It doesn’t seem to work this way. The robot will finish all of the low priority items from 1 queue, and THEN it will start on the high priority queue item from the other queue.

Any ideas?

Hi @mg.casey,

As far as I know, there is no such feature. You can do this if you collect these transactions in a single queue.

Another way is to create a generic queue addition operation.

Imagine you have a process that feeds the queues, and all your processes are running as triggers. During this process, you add an item to the queue according to your priority, and whenever an item is added to the queue, that process will be run by the trigger.


This seems crazy that there’s nothing like this in place. It seems like such a standard feature - why else would we specify queue items’ priorities.

Anyone else have any ideas on how to have a robot stop processing a current queue if UiPath has other queue items with higher priority?

Queue Item priorities are to determine which items in a queue are processed first. Has nothing to do with other queues.

It sounds like your problem is you don’t have enough licenses so there’s nowhere for the new Job to be run.

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We basically just always have low-priority stuff for our robots to work on if there’s nothing else going on. We just want them to give up that stuff is something higher priority comes up.