Uipath Schedules

I have to dynamically allocate the number of robots needs to be executed in a process to complete all the transactions with in SLA?
Eg:- If I have 3 process each needs to run parallely.
in which Process 1 has high priority and 15 robots available
each process are in trigger with number of robots as 5.
and if Process one gets 10k records at high peek time and it has an SLA of 3 hours
but if it runs in 5 robots it will take 7 hours in that case I need to allocate the robots of other process to this Process as it has high priority.
I also came across SLA in Queues and will it be helpful to change the number of robots in which the process can execute?
Can I get a solution for this?


Sivasankari S

You can define item priority type using High/Normal/Low in Queues, based on that - you can define the no of robots allocation.
You can check below link for some examples for queues, SLA’s.

I need to allocate the no of robots dynamically based on SLA