Queue Triggers don't seem to work as documented on simultaneous jobs

Likely asked a bunch but can’t find a post with answer. We have the following:

  • Two Robots
  • A Queue for Transaction Items
  • A Triggers defined with the following
    – 1 Minimum to Trigger
    – Max of 10 Simultaneously
    – Another Job trigger for each 1 new Item

What do we get ?

If two NEW transactions show up in the queue, 1 Robot kicks off a job almost immediately. The other Robot sits there doing nothing. Up to 30 minutes later, the queue scrapper thread finally kicks off and kicks off the job.

Why is the queue trigger behaving this way ? The documentation reads like we should get two jobs immediately.

Apparently this is a known bug :frowning: Someone at my office open a support ticket on this topic and that is what we got back. Currently until a fix is out, you either live with it or you can modify queueprocessactivationschedule:

Hi riverrat437 -

Just curious, are you using Q based triggers in Modern Folders, or Classic Folders? and also, did you end up adjusting the parameter / did you see any performance implication?


Modern folders.

We are in the process of trying to update the Queues.ProcessActiviationSchedule parameter. Apparently the web.config has changed quite after a update to Orchestrator. I think we are running 20.10.4 ??? Not sure though as my account isn’t working to get into that environment right now.

In the older web.config that parameter lives in a section called “appSettings”. In the updated/patched web.config, that section no longer exists.

Does anyone know where that parameter now lives, how to change it, and what the value would be for a 10 minute interval ?

According to the link earlier in the thread, the setting is contained in the UiPath.Orchestrator.dll.config file in the root of your install directory. Although the setting is actually named queue.processactivationschedule

I checked on my Orchestrator and I see the setting - but the value appears to be a CRON expression as opposed to just an integer.


Good luck, and please let us know how it goes!!


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