How to make Read Range Activity not overwrite datatable variable

Hi Everyone!

My process needs to read ranges from multiple excel files. The number of excel files I need to read and combine also changes daily.

My issue is that the read range activity overwrites the datatable variable in it’s output.
So only the last read file is in the data table.

Is there a way that I can read multiple excel files without overwriting the datatable variable?

Store your read range in a temp datatable variable for each excel file

If each excel has the same structure you can use merge datatable and add that to a main datatable.


Keep 2 DataTable one is a output of ReadRange (DT1) another one is a Combined DataTable (DT2), Each time when you reading the DataTable use merge DataTable activity to merge the with Combined DataTable (Between the Dt1 and Dt2).

Finally you will get consolidated DataTable (DT2).




Thanks everyone!

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