Merge dataTable issue

I have three Read Range for different - 2 sheets.

so I want to merge all dt1, dt2 & dt3 in FinalDT.


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Use a hope we have the datatable ready now
—create a list variable named list_datatable of type system.collections.Generic.List(of Datatable)
With default value as New list(of datatable)
—now use a ADD TO COLLECTIONS activity three times each with item property mentioned as dt1, dt2, dt3 each time and in the collections mention as list_datatable
—so now use a for each loop and pass the list_datatable variable as input and change the type argument as

Now inside the loop use a MERGE DATATABLE activity and mention the destination as Finaldt and in the source mention as item

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I have created a workflow based on your requirement.

Please find the same.
Merge (322.7 KB)

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Hi, Thanks same I did.

Actually these Sheet1, Sheet2 & Sheet3 I have in single excel.

It merged the data in the FinalDT and we can even see the data of sheet1, sheet2 & sheet3.

But when I writing/printing it doesn’t print/write except sheet1.???

Basically I want to loop the FinalDT and then write the sheet1, sheet2 & sheet2 data in ExcelTemplate.

Hope you understand!!

@Palaniyappan plz see bro how do I need.

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Fine in that case try with append range activity
Cheers @balkishan

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