Merged DataTable Issue

Hi, I have merged the dt1,dt2 & dt3

Like dt2 - > dt1
dt3 _ > dt1
dt1, dt2, dt3 are the three dataTable variable which I created for Sheet1, Sheet2 & Sheet3.
In dt1 I can see the sheet1, sheet2 & sheet3 data in the property pannel.
But if I print the data or writing I can only write for sheet1, not for sheet2 & sheet3??

If you see in dt1 I can see my sheet1, sheet2 & sheet3 data.

But I am not able to print or Write for sheet2, & sheet3 ???


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Kindly try once with append range activity
Cheers @balkishan

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would it possible to explain it more.

If I will send you the workflow may be you will understand more bro. What I want to know.

Firstly well done BalKishan for your hard work. As i am getting your posts very often in a day.
So this can be done in 2 ways

  1. You can use merge data table activities
  2. You can read 1 excel in read range and then write in final excel. Then for sheet 2,3 use append range in final excel file .

Hi Thanks,

My concern is I will explain you bro.

I am feeding a data in a fixed Excel template. which is never changed,

Now, I have excel files in a folder, each excel file has three sheets like sheet1, sheet2 & shee3.

Where i have to read the data from all sheets and feed into an ExcelTemplate then save it.

But here I have created three different dt1, dt2 & dt3 for all three sheets and then merge it with FinalDT.

Now when I feed into an template first it will feed all value from sheet1 as I have only one rows in sheet1.

Again loop will run this time it will read from Sheet2 data.
But the problem is when I start to write in to template, there is a tables created in ExcelTemplate, which start from c15.

If I use counter here and set value 15, because loop already itirate one time and it changed the counter to 16 right.

But I have to start from c15 row only.

Same problem for Sheet3 while feeding into the template. Like C50 so if I set counter for this 50, loop is already run for sheet1 & sheet2 so Again issue.

Please suggest me how can I resolve this issue.


I think the merge data table method will not work here. Because in template for feeding data from sheet1 is okay, But for Sheet2 & Sheet3 is issue. because here I have two tables in template, like Table1 & Table2.
So from Sheet2 I have to feed the data into Table21 & from sheet2 I have to feed into Table2.

But these tables starting from specific cell.

So counter will not work here. because counter is increment for Sheet1 also.

Kindly help if you have any method in mind bro. Thanks a lot.

kindly help @Palaniyappan @HareeshMR If you have good idea in mind