The Activity Creator or Creating Custom Activity Issue, Not able to see it in UiPath

I am having a problem seeing my custom activity in UiPath.
I am currently using version 2021.10.4 UiPath.
I want to create a custom activity and then use Manage Package to use that custom activity in my automation. I am using the Activity Creator to create this custom activity.
I even try to use this link to copy the workflow but it still to have the same issue.

I know it is not the Manage Package Sources, since I link it to the correct folder every time. When I use the Activity Creator, to publish, I noticed I would get the files in dll, pdb, and json files. I do not get it in nupkg format. I did use a Nuget Package Manager to try and convert it to nupkg format, but still the same result.

Not sure what else I need to do. If I can get some insight that would be great.


Which version of Activity Creator do you use? If 4.0, do you check it on not Windows-Legacy project but Windows project?


Yes, I am using version 4 of Activity Creator. And yes I also tried it on Window, Window-Legacy and Cross Platform project. But all of them still doesn’t work.


Can you share your nupkg file? (It might be difficult because of permission of new user)
We might be able to check our environment.


Sorry, I am not able to share. Since it is on my work laptop.
But to note, in the Visual Studio, when I opened it up the Activity Creator. I did have to add reference for System.Activities
I referenced that from in my C:\Windows\assembly\GAC_MSIL\System.Activities\v4.0._4.0.0.0xxx\System.Activities.dll
I do not know if that is correct or not. Or maybe that could be an issue

I am facing the same issue.
There are files in destination folder, but studio cannot see them.

Any updates?