How to make it dynamic for excel reports

hi everyone,
I need help. I want to make a daily report for a vehicle rental place where every day there will be the amount of income and the number of vehicles rented on the report. (1st photo of sample report , 2nd photo of incoming data every day & 3rd photo of the UiPath activity that I have made)

I’m having trouble when I want to make it dynamic to generate the report every day on the same sheet. What activities should I use so that formulas in excel can run dynamically every day? I really need your help. Thank you all

I’d start as followed:

  • Read Range Input Excel Sheet
  • Filter DataTable for todays date (just use “now.toString”)
  • Count Type Motorbike rent and Car rent

Now to write the data back, should the whole report or just a daily report be generated?

halo @iamNairda ,

thank you for replying. still not like what I mean sir. maybe there’s another way to automatically write to the side (next day)? Thank You

anyone can help me? I really need your input ideas. thank you :pray:

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