Excel workbook

i have a excel woerkbook where the sheets name are date wise … and everyday the sheet name keeps changing for todays date and i want to extract data from that todays date sheet … in read range activity what logic do i give that it reads the todays date sheet alone ?

Hi @poojaskyrathore

There is a activity called Get workbook sheets


Output would be a list of string

next use a for each and iterate the list with an if condition

basically Getting sheet name one by one and have a check w.r.t todays date if matches
then read the data


hope this helps

Can we have date format you have in those sheets

But I can tell you the steps to be used for thi so process

  1. Use a excel application scope and pass filepath as input and get the output from that scope as a variable named out_workbook

  2. Now use a for each activity and pass the above variable like this
    Out_workbook.GetSheets and change the type argument as string

  3. Inside the loop use a if condition like this

Datetime.ParseExact(item.ToString, “date format”, System.Globalization.CultureInfo.InvariantCulture).Contains(DateTime.Today.Date)

If true it goes to then block where use a read range activity and mention sheetname as item.ToString

In the above expression mention the date format you have in sheetname

For more details on Datetime

Cheers @poojaskyrathore