I want to select a dynamic range using select range activity and want to paste the data in excel.

Please share screen shot of solution in uipath

Hello @Ak_4

What data are you trying to enter? Any difficulty in using the Write Range activity?


The range is not fixed it can g1:u100 or u200.
So i want make it dynamic.

Hello @Ak_4 , Based on what condition it will be dynamic. Based on values or data last row or something else, Kindly provide more data regards to your query

Hello @Ak_4, in the write range activity you can specify where you want to write the data into the excel file. You can use a variable.


Any questions please let me know. If it helps you please mark my answer as a solcution


Based on Data

I will explain it
I have to take the data from the application and it is in bulk.
So i want paste that data from column O to it can be range may be u89 or u100, depend on data.
So i’m using select range and need to paste the data in excel.

Read the Bulk data and srore in DT.
Pass the variable in write range activity and choose the starting point of data need to paste , for example “O1” in write range, the bot will paste utill the last of Data table. No need to provide the last row detail in write range activity

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