How to Click, Scrape, and Loop Through Elements in UiPath?

Hello UiPath Community,

I’m working on an automation project, and I need assistance with the following task:

I want to click on multiple elements, scrape data from each of them, and then create a loop to repeat this process for the remaining elements.

Use the For Each UI Element activity.

Thank you, sir. I am able to repeatedly click, but it’s only clicking without extracting data. How can I click to extract data and then proceed to the next row?

What are you clicking? Does a new window open with details, or something like that? We need more specifics about what you’re trying to do, or we can’t help.

@Aditya_Nalawade Hello,

Try these steps:

  1. For Each element in ElementList (or use Find Children to get a list of elements)
  2. Click on element
  3. Scrape Data and store in variables
  4. Process Data
  5. End For Each

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