How to learn all the .net functions/methods in UiPath?

I’d like to learn all the .net functions or methods that UiPath have. I have tried to search them, however, there are only some documents available online such as toString, Split, Trim etc. I think these functions related to string manipulate or date are common, what I really want are functions like ‘directory.getfiles()’, so where can I learn all these functions?

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Hi @gareth_Hua

Whoever trained on .net they are aware of some functions/methods. But it is not possible to know every function or method in .Net. It is very huge.

Learning the most required functions/methods would be helpful.
Some methods related to namespaces System.IO, System.Text, System.Globalization etc.,

One place is to go thru the Microsoft MSDN for the documentation of all functions/methods available.

It is more important to understand the core concepts (for example Object Oriented concepts, assemblies, dot net core, etc.) before jumping into these.

All the best.

Karthik Byggari



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We need to know this to work in uipath ?


if you wish to write custom activities or create library of your own (in UiPath too)

Oh Fine
Thank u so much

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Hi, perhaps this link would help.

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