Manipulating variables. Resource library available?

I have completed the Foundations Training and have made tons of processes, but I am not a programmer and don’t have a background in it. Is there a library somewhere of all the types of data manipulations you can to do variables? I only know the ones that were used as examples (for example to get specific character out of a string I use GLAccountString.ToString.Substring(7,3)) I only knew how to use this because it was in a training video. Is there a resource that shows all available things you can do with variables? Also, what programming language is used in UiPath? Please forgive is these questions sound stupid, I just do not have a programming background.


Hello @atevis,

Coding within the workflow (writing expressions in properties) can be done in VB.NET.

There is a lot of documentation for visual basic language:


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@Susana this is very helpful. Thanks! :beers:

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Please rest assured that nothing you have said sounds stupid! I am a programmer, but even when I’m working with a language/framework I’m intimately familiar with, I still have to look at documentation or example code all the time. There are simply too many details for anyone to memorise completely. As with all skills, you will become most familiar with the techniques you use most often.

Some more resources:

  • Search through all of the .NET classes here, for example all methods of the String class;
  • The “IntelliSense” prompt is very powerful. It’s the small popup that sometimes appears automatically while typing, but can be called out anywhere with Ctrl + Space. Within the parentheses of a function call, you can also press Ctrl + Shift + Space and use the up and down arrows to browse the valid ways of calling this function;
  • Last but not least, googling things with “” in the search terms will usually yield some solutions you can apply in UiPath.

I can’t tell you how helpful that is! Thank you!!!