<UIPath Studio>.Net Function can't be used with error - not a member of ‘Uipath.Core.GenericValue’

Dear All,

I developed a Uipath studio that use ‘substring’, ‘indexof’ and ‘length’ function.

The Uipath studio is work fine in some PCs, but it’s failed in a laptop with error such as ‘IndexOf’ is not a member of ‘Uipath.Core.GenericValue’.

I compared the acitvities with those PCs, and there are no differnces.

May i know how to resolve this issue?

Best Regards.

Hi @Toby, in the first place, ‘substring’, ‘indexof’ and ‘length’ sounds to be functions of String?
Will it help if you set the variable to String instead of Generic?

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Hi Andi,

Yes, you are right.
Follow your word, i convert the variable to string. and after that those functions worked fine.

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Nice to hear that @Toby :slight_smile: