<UIPath Studio>.Net Function can't be used with error - not a member of ‘Uipath.Core.GenericValue’



Dear All,

I developed a Uipath studio that use ‘substring’, ‘indexof’ and ‘length’ function.

The Uipath studio is work fine in some PCs, but it’s failed in a laptop with error such as ‘IndexOf’ is not a member of ‘Uipath.Core.GenericValue’.

I compared the acitvities with those PCs, and there are no differnces.

May i know how to resolve this issue?

Best Regards.


Hi @Toby, in the first place, ‘substring’, ‘indexof’ and ‘length’ sounds to be functions of String?
Will it help if you set the variable to String instead of Generic?


Hi Andi,

Yes, you are right.
Follow your word, i convert the variable to string. and after that those functions worked fine.


Nice to hear that @Toby :slight_smile: