How to know When Clear browsing data is finished

Hi everyone,

I am finding the best solution to Clear Browsing data of chrome browser. Currently, I do that as follow:

  • Use Open Browser to open a web page in chrome.
  • Use Send Hotkey (Ctrl-Shift-Del) to go to Clear browsing data page.
  • Use Send Hotkey (enter) to confirm the deleting browsing data.
    Everything seems to be ok until this point.
    But the problem is: I don’t know when the deleting is complete.
    My current solution is using delay activity to wait until it is finished. But I don’t think that is a good solution.
    Please help me if you have any better solution for this problem.

Many thanks,
Hoang Anh.

You could use popup box as image reference because once clear done popup disappears(browser: chrome).
So You could use On image vanish activity.

PS:First make sure image exist depends on the condition drop “On image vanish” activity.

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Hi @ddpadil,

Thanks you so much for your solution.
I will try it and let you know if it work.

Thanks and best Regards,
Hoang anh.

Hi @ddpadil,

I just proposed your solution to my manager, but he rejects it. Because image activities is affected by the screen resolution.
Now, I gonna use “inject js script” to check whether the dialog exist or not from HTML source page?
What do you think about that solution?

Thanks and Best Regards,
Hoang Anh.

yep you can go ahead with js .
You could have used element if not image.
There would be no issue with element attributes .
On Element Vanish activity.

However UiPath unable to detect the “Clear browsing data” window.
It’s detecting entire chrome as one window and selector as follows
<html app='chrome.exe' />

Hi @ddpadil,

I tried to use uipath to detect the “Clear browsing data” window before, and found that It can not do that. So I think wait element vanish activity won’t work in this case.
I will try to use “Inject js script” to detect the existing of “Clear browsing data” window.
I will let you know if it work.
I really appreciate your help.

Thanks and best Regards,
Hoang Anh.

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