How to automatically clear browser history after a process is completed

Hi Team,

I wanted to know a way where i can clear the browser history automatically once the process execution is completed successfully.

  1. Ctrl+Shift+Del will open browser properties to clear history.
  2. Use Button Click to click Ok.
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This ^^

Sometimes I use send hotkey enter instead of clicking ok, as I have had trouble interacting with the settings in Chrome

Thank you for your reply…
Do we have any alternate way of doing this instead of sending hot keys
Something in background clears the browser history??

  1. Use open browser activity to open chrome browser.
  2. pass url as “ chrome://settings/clearBrowserData
    3.It will show pop up to clear cache and just click on thatUntitled

you can use custom activity “Delete Browser History” from market place

or you can write a powershell script and invoke the script via uipath

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I asked alternate way because Clear button is being identified by Click activity. To reach to clear button, i will have to host key 5 times and enter…

I think it is better to use Ctrl+Shift+Del instead of launching browser

May i know why is it not identifying Clear button?

When you do Ctrl+Shift+Del, the browser opens a dialog and the entire page is blocked by a mask. This is the browser behavior. You can either use click image or send hot key. Its good idea to go with short cut keys instead of image automation as image automation depends on many factors and failure rate will be high.