How to reduce UIPath execution time for clearing cookie/cache for google chrome and IE

There’s a RDA bot which is supposed to clear cache/cookies of google chrome and IE.
The workflow is working fine but it is taking around 2 mins to delete all the cache/cookies. But according to the requirement it should happen below 1 min.

Bot is just deleting files from the c drive for clearing cache cookies in google chrome. And it is running command prompt to do the same activity for IE.

Can anyone suggest how to optimise the code. For security reasons cannot share the workflow.

Thank you in advance


by pressing Win+R you can see Run in that just type %appdata% then enter.

navigate to local folder for chrome ->Navigate to Google->Chrome->UserData

for I.E Win+R you can see Run in that just type %appdata% then enter.

navigate to local folder Microsoft->Internet Explorer->Cache Storage delete


Hi @Deepa_Madkar ,

You can try shell script which will be comparatively fast as shown in the below link,

Happy Automation!!!



Based on my experience deleting userdata will remove the uipath extension as well in the chrome browser and we cannot recover back atleast. Better we have to go with @Krishna_547 . Thanks.

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Hi, thank you for the reply @THIRU_NANI
But my concern is the execution time. Cache cookies are getting deleted. But it is taking time.
Business people are asking to reduce the execution time of deleting cache cookies.
Currently it is taking approx 2 mins. It should be below 1 min thats the expectation.
Is there any way to optimise the code.


Thank you for the reply @Krishna_547
I will try to use the solution provided by you.


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Thank you for the reply @kirankumar.mahanthi1
I will try the power shell script as suggested and try.


Did we try with the demo project in this resource

Cheers @Deepa_Madkar

Thank you @Palaniyappan for replying.
I will try what you have suggested

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