VB code to clear Chrome Browser history (ALL TIME)

I am trying to clear chrome Browser history. (all time). After adding the Open browser activity , I added this URL “chrome://settings/clearBrowserData”. I tried using recorder for click activity. The UiPath Extension is not identifying the UI elements in Chrome. Can anyone share the VBScript code to clear Browser Cache all time and how to invoke it.

Hi @chauhan.rachita30,
Extension is able to work with websites but for settings end other “built-in” elements it will not work. You can see that on website extension is blue colored where on settings page it will become gray. You could experiment with Send Hotkey activity or clean history via PowerShell or using invoke of PowerShell.

The extension is not working for google Home Page too…Like the search Text box , I checked everything.

Excluding settings pages the extension should have access to any website even google homepage.