How to run robot from orchestrator at specific resolution?

Need help here.
Whenever someone(who has screen resolution greater then 720P) logins to my virtual machine where I have developed my automation and deployed, next day my bot fails to the point where I have used Image automation(image exist, click image) due to change in screen resolution.
In short: My image automation is failing on different screen resolution than my machine’s screen resolution.

Where I can change settings which will run bot at specific screen resolution?
Note: Bot is Running through orchestrator and my screen resolution is 1366*768

I think image recognition depends on screen resolution as well.

Try to find unique selectors for your elements using classic/modern UIautomation activities.

Even if this doesn’t work, then try this. Not sure if this is the best way. Just an idea. Try automating same activities using AI computer vision activities. I think this will work because I’ve learnt that computer vision recognizes the screen elements similar to human but uses AI technology.

You may try this by giving resolution width & height to robot settings

you can handle it by code as well, if bot doesnot login to a specified screen resolution just stop the bot by throwing error

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