How to know if a file is completly copied in a remote server

I have to paste a file from my local machine to a remote server (for connecting to remote server i am connecting to a network) ,here while pasting it is taking lot of time , so i dont want to use activities like image vanish because for that I have to open the same page till it gets copied ,is there any way to know that the file is pasted successfully but the process should check it in background…?

Hi Kamal,
You can find the size of each of the folders (Source and Destination), compare the two to know if the copy paste has happened or not.

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Instead of size , can we store data into variable and match both sourece n dest??

@Ganga_Bharani I have to paste it in remote server so how could i know the file size from there…
and @rajukvm999 can we store data folder in a variable if yes, how??

hey guys, please reply if anyone have any idea on this ,
i am working on this for many days but could not find any appropriate solution…
is it even possible…??

Please check this