How to copy and paste files in remote server

Hi All,

I want to copy a file in a remote server and paste it in another location on the same server.
I have tried using select file and copy file activities,but the file is getting copied on the uipath robot server instead of the remote server itself.

I can try using crtl c and ctrl p but i would like to know if there is any another better way.

Jaya Krishna

This could be related to your windows settings

Are you able to copy and paste text rather than a full document?

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Thanks @ronanpeter for the reply…I will go through this and try
I want to copy a file as it is present instead of copying the text

There is a filecopy - activity in UiPath

@rost i have tried using that but could not copy the files

@badita,@ovi,@vvaidya could you please suggest any thing?

There are some way.

  1. You can use command line in remote server to copy the file and paste it.
  2. You can use default window command using hot keys to copy and paste.
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Do you know why? Was there an error?
You can copy the files manuall, so you have write-access?

As i have mentioned earlier the robot is trying to copy the file in the uipath robot server instead of remote the error i am getting is path not found

You provided the full path?
If you open a File-Explorer WITH a robot (so it is opened at the server, where the robot runs) you have access to the final destination? And can copy manally?