“how do I access the folder path inside the server from locally in uipath activity”?


Its windows 2002 r2 server.
My objective is to check is there any new files added in the folder or not. I’m able to achieve this logic in locally where I’m using excel sheet to count the number of files added with respective name.
For this I’m using assign activity where value= Directory.GetFiles(FolderPath) Where FolderPath (ex:C\desktop\reject). The same operation I want to do inside remote desktop.
How I can achieve this?
PFA of screen shot where I need to get the folder path of YELD Reject .(i.e D\YELD\YELD Reject )
Local->RDP->>VNC Viewer-> MWGTS->Reject Folder desktop


(assuming you meant server 2012r2, not 2002)

First question - are these in the same domain?
If they are, you could access it through an absolute path (or even just map the drive beforehand). Essentially anything that SMB allows.

If it’s a different domain, you might want to use a UNC path for it, with additional authentication. Here are some examples.

For a strictly UiPath way, the only thing that comes to mind is to scrape the RDC window. There were some discussions about it here, where Dave ended up using keyboard automation. Might not be exact answer, but could also give some ideas (f.e. add a F2 there to access renaming, copy the filename and check etc.).

Other alternative is to either run the robot or some other helper app on the other end (f.e. with FileSystemWatcher). Being able to move the file somewhere else after processing would help too, as that way you always have only unprocessed files in the directory, otherwise you’ll end up with ever-growing lookup list.

All in all it depends on the use case and related infra, but I’d aim at something that would give you direct access to the folder instead of scraping the windows - it’s always more reliable and faster.


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