How to keep dataTable update under the same dataTable with init for different transactions

hi, i am using ReFramework to build the workflow , and there is a dataTable which is have no of rows/colums need to keep update (by lookout function). and the question is how i can keep the dataTable
context there not been re-init again after i go to transaction items.

for example:

  1. under init state, i have excel file to contain 2 database names to go one by one, now i go to database 1, then i have the dataTable update for database 1 in the Get transaction data and Process Transaction, and it keep it in the memory now, then process transaction go back to init to get the dataBase 2.
  2. now, i go to database 2 (), do the same process, also need to update the same dataTable, but
    it suppose to update base on the database 1 context rather than re-init the dataTable.
  3. now, i finish these 2 transaction, and go to end process, there is process to append the output of database to the excel file, and the output should be include database 1 and database 2 as whole (under same append range block). but now, it only has the database 2 due to the process of database 2 has re-init again, or it will output as 2 separate append block which is suppose to just 1 append block include 2 database output together.

the question is there a way to keep the datatable context cross the whole process base on the list of item under init ? and it is not suppose to use the orchestrator queue, also append to the excel file first is not the what we try to do either cause there is some other issue.

PS: i assume it suppose to also has a dataTable under init to do the update and copy this Datatable to the process before dataTable need to do the update under different process ?


Hi @ross_webon

Check this

@shwin S


The issue solved.

What it done is under reFramework, init section, create the DataTable. and under the end of process section, have the file invoke there to do the excel append, and dataTable will do the argument transfer in/out.