Process finished due to no more transaction

I had created a workflow in normal process then i shifted that process to re-framework but it is not working in re-framework it is gettingprocess finished due to no more transaction data i didn’t made any changes i just changed the transaction item to datarow
Could anyone please help me in this

@Manisha541 Can you show us What have you done in Get Transaction Data ?

GetTransactionData.xaml (8.0 KB) this is my transaction data.xaml

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@Manisha541 Are you passing the arguments properly to Get Transaction Data? :sweat_smile:

InitAllApplications.xaml (11.3 KB) this is my workflow

@Manisha541 Can you output the Datatable before passing it to Get Transaction Data?

@Manisha541 Also are you passing a Datatable from Init All Applications to Get Transaction Data?

Actually i have two datatable how can i pass that datatable names to get transaction data

we don’t need to use the for each row in reframework?

@Manisha541 You should Create Two Datatables as out Arguments from Init All Applications, Assign it to two variables and pass those variables to Get Transaction Data :sweat_smile:

ok :smile: I will try

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@supermanPunch I am not getting what to be passed in the out_transaction item i have two build datatables and i have passed one datatable name to **out_transactionitem ** but i am getting errorimage|690x388

@Manisha541 I feel you have not passed the Arguments the right way, Please Click Import Arguments and Check the Types of Arguments as well

@Manisha541 If you have two Datatables to pass Create another Argument “out_transactionItem_2” and then pass it

ok @supermanPunch