How to Iterate through UL list of items in complex page and find specific element?

Hello, I trying to find specific file name item on SFTP directory and click on this, and delete if such file exists in the list. here is a snapshot. How do I achieve this.
Please help:

The checkbox element is withing nested div inside the ul > li.

Element for the Checkbox is:

<input type="checkbox" ng-model="item.checked" data-toggle="fileSelect" aria-label="Checkbox For Item GBI_IndiaOnBoarding_Integrity.csv" class="ng-pristine ng-untouched ng-valid">

Give a try to solve this with the find children activity
Let pointing the find children Acitivity to the ul
Use in the filter a selector to the li elements (or maybe input elements and analyze aria-label info)
Check the finding scope and maybe use FIND_DESCENDENTS

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It seems I was not pointing the correct <input /> but outer <div />. Hence was getting difficult. I used the UIExplorer and fortunately could identify the all the check-boxes by Input label same as the CSV file name. (Dynamic Selector)

However, I would appreciate to learn more on navigating though the DOM element.

With the task on that you have worked on, you did already a first touch basics. I would suggest also to have look data data scrapping. Even datascraping and find children can be combined in good working double as the iteration index from can be used for retrieval by the others. Find children often is used to grap the more tricky things that are not catched by datascrapping.

And last but not least do not forget about the dynamic selectors, as often it solves us the task in the shortest way.

About learning just play with these activities in RnD tasks and get experience with this, Uiexplorer and implementation essentials.

Happy Coding

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