Find Children - Iterate <LI> elements

Parent - Children - For Each - Get Attribute (aaname)

What filter syntax provides each list item?

I’ve tried the * method but it continues to error so either this isn’t the correct method or I’m not using it correctly.

I’ve reviewed related posts and multiple examples but didn’t see anything specific to my need. This is not table related data.

Simple website that has parent and children. I need the list of children.

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Hello. I am trying to do something similar. Did you find a solution ? I think in the Get Attribute you have to set “Element is item”, but how ?
item is the child among all childrens we are looping threw

the Find children selector will be set to the parent of the li elements e.g to an ul
the filter of the find children properties can be set to <webctrl tag='li' />
in case of li are not direct children the find scope will set to find_descendents

Now over the list can be iterated, for each Argument type ist set to UiElement
the attributes from the iterated LI can be retrieved with get Attribute activity or within an assign LoopVar.Get(Attributename).toString