Simple.....Can I use Find Children with a UL LI list

I can read the list using data scraping. What I need is the element. So…I need to loop thru a UL list. Value I want is deep inside the li. (If innerhtml.contains(“ECONTRB”)…then I want to click on the li element.

Yes. I believe you can achieve this using Find Chidren activity. You just have to provide that particular tag for your Filter property. Also, make sure that your Scope property is set to ‘FIND_DESCENDENTS’ The output of this will be IEnumerable type. You can then use a for each loop with type argument as ‘UiElement’ to loop through all the available elements. Use ‘Get Attribute’ activity to get that particular value and store it in a string. Perform ‘IF’ operation on top of this string as needed.

Let me know if it helps.

Rammohan B.

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The filter is what confusing. The selector is correct, just using “indicate on screen” Unfortuately I can’t get it to target the internal <a inside the IL nest. I guess I could loop through every thing that is returned and attempt to spot the item I want. I would rather figure out the filter. (Though…I really don’t understand the concept of Filters in this scenario anyway). Thanks for the reply.

Use UiExplorer and indicate that particular tag that your want to filter. It will surely have a property ‘tag’ with a value. I believe it would be something like tag='A'.

You can then use this inside Filters propery of your Find Children activity. Just paste it as: <webctrl tag='A' />.

Doing this, Find Children activity will only filter the tag with that value and provide you UiElement instance of it.

Rammohan B.

Wow. Thanks. That is a lot closer. Now I’ve getting the <A’s I want, but I’m also getting others that are also in the LI. They differentiate by (I WANT= DC-0 (I DONT WANT <IMG class) and way to further clarify? For now I’ll just look at the innerhtml.