How to instal Uipath robot

I can’t find Uipath robot in my laptop. I want to know how to download Uipath robot in my laptop (iam using uipath studio community edition)

Hello @fawas, please correct me if I misunderstood your issue, but your issue is that you currently do not have UiPath robot installed even after installing Studio?

Regardless of installation method UiPath robot should always be installed by default. If you were able to successfully install Studio then the robot should’ve also been installed.

Try searching for the UiPath robot using basic windows search options or
if you’ve used the community edition .exe installer kindly check the following path:

You should see the UiPath Agent application there.

If you still can’t find it please reply back so that I may help you further.
Have a great day! Happy automating :vulcan_salute:

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Which version of Studio did you install? You will either be looking for Agent Desktop or if you installed the beta or version >20.3, you’ll have UiPath Assistant in your Start Menu.

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i reinstalled my uipath studio and now i got it. Anyway thanks for the info.

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