Where's my robot installed?

Sorry in advance for a very basic question, but i just can’t find a solution.

I just registered for the community editon and downloaded the studio version “UiPathStudioSetup.exe”. After installing it all I find is the studio itself and the UiPath Assistant Client, no robot. In the Cloud Orchestrator I can create a machine and also configure the Assistant to use the machine code and it accepts it. But i dont find a way to register a robot, to make use it e.g. for a scheduled execution of a process. Where can i do that in community edition?

I learned from reading the documentation, that using the MSI version of the installer I can choose to install the robot, but what is the normal way for the community edition?

I guess i missed sth simple or missunderstood something. Can’t I install a robot on a seperate machine oder same machine as studio in the community edition?

Hello @marneum,

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The robot is installed in this path


Thanks. So in Community there is no more explicit Robot Tray and it’s done by the Assistant?


Before it was named as robot tray but now it is known as UipathAssistant


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