Uipath robot missing in the latest version

Hi ,

I just installed Uipath Studio community edition since I had some issue with the older version i previously installed. But after installing the new version i am not finding the UipathRobot.exe file .
I tried installing the latest version twice .
Why is that ??

Thanks in advance

@Gangadhar_Krishnappa Have you Checked it in this Folder Path :

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@supermanPunch Yes , I dint find UiRobot.exe file .

@supermanPunch Can you share UipathRobot.exe file to gangadharmbl123@gmail.com. Let me try installing this way.

@Gangadhar_Krishnappa Do you have the UiPath Agent Desktop ?

@supermanPunch I have studio and assist only

Can you share me the old version in a shared drive if possible ?

@Gangadhar_Krishnappa Do you have an App Folder in the Path Mentioned above?


@Gangadhar_Krishnappa Can you show a Screenshot of this folder path :



Please look for Uipath.Agent.Exe.
It will be in this path: C:\Users\kp.sridhar\AppData\Local\UiPath\UiPath.Agent.exe
Replace my name with your user id in the above path.

Unhide hidden files in your file explorer


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