How to insert a notification in the cell, progressively?

Hi everyone,
I think the problem has already been dealt with, but I can’t fit the information I read.
I have this problem:

  • at the end of a workflow, I have to update an excel file that will serve the purpose of reporting.
  • at the beginning of the flow, the bot writes the list of orders to be processed. (in this ex. list of 3 element, rows)
  • the bot processes each order, and at the end of each, it should insert in column G if the processing is OK or KO.


I don’t know how to tell the bot to write at the end of each process, in the first empty cell of column G.


Hello @AaronMark,

You must be using for each row for processing orders??
then you can use write cell at end of for each row like this, it will write cell for current row


Hi Raj…
thanks for your help.
aaaannnnd… no…
It doesn’t work as it should.
I believe that with each run, it overwrites line 2.

To explain my flow:

  • i enter Site1, and I collect this list, and other details.
  • I enter Site 2, I search each of these orders, and if they match, I authorize or deny.

At the end of each check, I would like to insert the result on the excel file collected at the beginning of the flow.

Since the execution order is the same, the idea was to,
write in the first empty cell of column G,
and then add 1 to each element… to go to the cell below.

But I don’t know if it’s the correct way and how to write the command

Ok once you got G column list, you can take another for each row for list and use write cell inside it and increment counter each time for row count


I’m not sure, but in this way, he enters the file, and on each line, he writes the notification, from start to finish.
This is the correct way.
Notifications must be entered after completing the previous checks.

I try to integrate other information.
The flow behind us is very complex.
As I said, at the beginning of the project, I enter site 1, and I collect the complete list of elements to be verified.
For each row of this list …
I run a new Flowchart …

At the end of this Flowchart I can define if the first row is OK or KO.

So I would like to enter the collected file at the beginning of the stream, and add the notification
For do this…
I have determined what is OK and what is KO.

So at this point I have to say what to do on the excel sheet if it is OK and what to do if it is KO.


I can do this one at a time, and not all together in the end, I think.

I don’t know how to count the rows of column G.
If I count them all, the notification is written only in the last cell.
As you said, however, only in cell 2.

Hello @AaronMark,

Ok think this is very complex i need the flow to check where to write G cells into excel.


Hi raj,
before turning the flow, i wanted to know if there is a way to write in the first empty cell of a specific column. (G).

The idea, (perhaps wrong), was to get to this part of the flow, and write in the first empty cell of column G, considering the header.

In this example, the first cell is G2.
I therefore expect every time the bot writes on the first lap, in cell G2, because it is the first time.
On the second pass, in G3 … and so on until the end.

Is there a way to recognize the empty cell?

Yes there is a way to recognize empty cells, you need to build the custom activity for that.


Can you give me some help or additional information?
I have been using UiPath for a few months now, and I am not a professional programmer.

Custom activity is a C# code that you can develop and afterwards use as a activity in your project

Just check this,


I solved.
Maybe differently.
Maybe in a “simplistic” way, but it seems to work.
I created at the beginning of the flow, a variable,
which tells me which cell to start from in the column: F + (variable = 1)
therefore, at each passage of the flow, I increase this variable by 1 position.

It seems to me to be working.

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