How to write text into a specific cell within Excel

How to add text after a specific row in an excel has completed. I know you can use write cell activity. But not sure how to add the text one after the other. So for example, if users in a spreadsheet have been added to something a done message is added to that cell in the spreadsheet. But if something fails nothing is added.

Trying to re-iterate your question here.
You want to add a text in a cell based on text that is present in a different cell?
or do you want to add text in a cell in a loop?

In both the cases you can try this,

  1. Read the sheet, get the datatable
  2. Assign a counter with starting index. If you are doing for whole text then start with 1
  3. Get datatable.rows.count into a variable.
  4. For each row in datatable → If condition → (row(“column name”).tostring.contains(“keyword”)) —> Then condition do write cell with range (column+counter)
  5. Increase counter value till it end (for all rows)
  6. Omit step 4 if you don’t need it.

This should work for both the cases I mentioned.
Good luck

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Yeah man. Thanks for the break down. But I do not know how to implement step 3 and 4?

I’m attaching a sample screenshot, hope this helps.

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Thanks man. That makes sense. But I am not looking for a keyword. I am looking to stop after the process is finished to enter in the word done or finished next to the processed row. Is that what it does or I am just being stupid. Also what do you put inside the write cell activity inside range.

If you are not looking for keyword, Then remove the if condition and just use write cell activity.
The range in write cell is “P” + counter (I used P column as example)

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