How to write cell in current row

Hi guys,
I attached here my uipath and working excel file.
My processes are…

  • Check if “Approve Result” is empty.
    • Then, proceed to SAP, get text and write to “Approve Result”
    • Else, go to next row.

Check if and proceed to SAP is working fine.
But the problem is when get text, robot always write result to first row (replaced the other row result) of table but not to current row. (As you can see, it worked for row S6, but write result to row T2)
How can I make robot to write result in the current row.?

test.xlsx (10.9 KB)
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I have updated your xaml file .i think your issue will be solved now
Payment Request (228.6 KB)
Thanks for your helped.
But the result is same. Which area you have updated.?

i have update the counter variable where the value will be increased automatically when the loop increases.

It seems that I recieved my original xaml file from you.
The xaml file from you still return the same result I did before.

Can you please help to show me the updated area once again.?

Please go through this xaml
Main.xaml (30.0 KB)

I run your file, Robot didn’t overwrite in first row as before.
But seems robot still didn’t write result in current row.
It overwrite in 2 rows above of current row.

Hi bro @Gokion could you please check if the below xaml file is working or not.
Main (1).xaml (30.0 KB) Hi…

Thanks so much for your help. Finally, I can success by adding counter.

However, May i have one mor questions.
I add another IF condition for elmenent exist.
My problem is when condition false, robot didn’t go to ELSE activity.
However, it keep looping to next row and proceed write cell as set in THEN.

Can you please advise where my setting was wrong.?
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@Gokion please put a breakpoint at the else condition and check whats wrong as i am not able to run your bot.