How to indicate when a specific web source code element exists

Hi all. I am having some problems with my workflow, I couldn’t find the answer online so I would like to ask for some help.

I want to indicate the appearance of a specific element as it exists. I have been using the ‘element exists’ activity and all I do is indicate it on my screen. However, the activity couldn’t identify it, so I took a look at the source code of the web.

This is the source code of the webpage in normal circumstances:

and this is the source code of the webpage when the specific element exists in the page:

As you can see, there’s the source code is slightly changed and that there’s one more line of source code appears.
Does anyone know how do I indicate this in my workflow?

Hello @Ben_siu

You can use the Ui explorer and inspect on the element before it exits and validate it. Then copy that to a file as backup.

Indicate the element after the element visible, then validate the selctor and copy to the same file.

Compare both and check which attribute is changing when the element loads.

So you need to use that selector and check for element exists. If not present you will get false as output. Use retry activity and check again.


thx for the reply.

I have opened the Ui explorer and indicated the element, may I ask how exactly can I copy the data to a file as a backup? And also how do I compare the attributes after copying out the data?

you just need to copy to a text file and you can compare both selectors.
If you find some changes, for example present=“False” and present=“True”. in the selector you can understand, when the element loads attribute present is changes to “True”.

The above is just an example and attributes can change.

Then you have to use that selector in the element exists.